Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mellersh Test Video

Hello boys and girls! I'm so excited about this latest discovery! I have learned how to post video on our blog! That means now I can do mini lessons that you can watch at home. And for those of you who haven't met Mellersh, here he is!


  1. he/she is adorable. so fluffy and white like a little cotton ball.

    Helen /Anthony's mom

  2. Hello Helen and Anthony,

    I'm so happy you've visited the blog and you've posted a comment! And I love that Anthony used figurative language!

    Mrs. Watts Lawton

  3. your dog is cute like a wonderful and brave catand like a rainbow

  4. Hi there Freddy! I'm so glad you like Mellersh, and I love that you're using figurative language. Did you meet him when he came to school on Thursday? I hope you and your family have a wonderful, restful holiday. When I see you again it will be the year 2010!!