Friday, February 4, 2011

Thank You!

Thank you to Remy's dad for cutting all of those pizzas! And thanks to Emely's mom for getting all the pizzas from the oven to the boxes! And thank you to Crystal's mom for running out and buying batteries for my video camera when the batteries died! And thank you to Gabriel's father for buying drinks for the whole class! And thanks to all the family members who came with us and made it a safe and successful trip!!!

Everyone Loves Pepperoni Pizza!

I love ham and pineapple, but everyone else seems to love pepperoni!

Pizzas Coming Out of the Oven!

Slowly but surely, the pizzas started rolling out of the oven. It takes 6 1/2 minutes for the pizza to pass from one side of the oven to the other.

On Our Way to Papa John's!

The day finally came for us to take a walking field trip to Papa John's! We had perfect weather. Last year it rained while we were walking back!